Rabu, 31 Desember 2014


By:"Douglas Gale"
Published on 1982-09-30 by Cambridge University Press

This book deals mainly with what can be described as the general-equilibrium approach to monetary theory. The author does not attempt an encyclopaedic treatment, rather Gale investigates the central problems and ideas in the development of topical monetary theory. The first part of the book - technically the easier - deals with questions which will be recognized as falling within the traditional field of (macroeconomic) monetary theory, although the treatment is unflaggingly microeconomic. The second part is less conventional, dealing with the general equilibrium theory of money in a fundamental way.

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Selasa, 30 Desember 2014

Handbook on Tax Administration

Handbook on Tax Administration
By:"Matthijs Alink","Victor van Kommer"
Published on 2011 by IBFD

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Sabtu, 27 Desember 2014

Transfer Pricing and the Arm's Length Principle in International Tax Law

Transfer Pricing and the Arm's Length Principle in International Tax Law
By:"Jens Wittendorff"
Published on 2010 by Kluwer Law International

The arm's length principle serves as the domestic and international standard to evaluate transfer prices between members of multinational enterprises for tax purposes. The OECD has adopted the arm's length principle in Article 9 of its Model Income Tax Convention in order to ensure that transfer prices between members of multinational enterprises correspond to those that would have been agreed between independent enterprises under comparable circumstances. The arm's length principle provides the legal framework for governments to have their fair share of taxes, and for enterprises to avoid double taxation on their profits. This timely book contains a comparative analysis of the legal basis for the arm's length principle and the contents of the arm's length rules in US tax law as well as in the OECD Model Tax Convention and Transfer Pricing Guidelines. It includes a thorough review of international case law on transfer pricing from the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. The book ends with an analysis of the issues associated with the application of the arm's length principle for multinational enterprises in a global economy.

This Book was ranked 22 by Google Books for keyword tax.

Tax Policy Handbook

Tax Policy Handbook
By:"Parthasrathi Shome"
Published on 1995-04-25 by International Monetary Fund

Edited by Parthasarathi Shome, this Handbook was written primarily for economists who are responsible for analyzing and evaluating economic policies of developing countries at an applied level, and who would benefit from a comprehensive discussion of the concepts, principles, and prevailing issues of taxation.

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Selasa, 23 Desember 2014

Dynamics of Markets

Dynamics of Markets
By:"Joseph L. McCauley"
Published on 2004-05-06 by Cambridge University Press

Standard texts and research in economics and finance ignore the absence of evidence from the analysis of real, unmassaged market data to support the notion of Adam Smith's stabilizing Invisible Hand. The neo-classical equilibrium model forms the theoretical basis for the positions of the US Treasury, the World Bank and the European Union, accepting it as their credo. It provides the theoretical underpinning for globalization, expecting to achieve the best of all possible worlds via the deregulation of all markets. In stark contrast, this text introduces a empirically based model of financial market dynamics that explains volatility, prices options correctly and clarifies the instability of financial markets. The emphasis is on understanding how real markets behave, not how they hypothetically 'should' behave. This text is written for physics graduate students and finance specialists, but will also serve as a valuable resource for those with a less mathematical background.

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Rabu, 10 Desember 2014

The Economy of Iran

The Economy of Iran
By:"Parvin Alizadeh","Hassan Hakimian","Massoud Karshenas"
Published on 2000 by I.B.Tauris

The Islamic revolution of 1979 heralded an expanded economic role for the Iranian state in safeguarding the revolution’s redistributive aims. However, the Iranian economy in the 1980s and 1990s deteriorated markedly, and the state’s enlarged role in the economy has been accompanied by acute macroeconomic instability and a sharp decline in the standard of living. This book of original essays identifies the principal issues, social, economic, and political, that have shaped and determined Iran’s economic performance since the revolution.

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Senin, 08 Desember 2014

MONEY Master the Game

MONEY Master the Game
By:"Tony Robbins"
Published on 2014-11-18 by Simon and Schuster

In his first book in two decades, Anthony Robbins turns to the topic that vexes us all: How to secure financial freedom for ourselves and for our families. “If there were a Pulitzer Prize for investment books, this one would win, hands down” (Forbes.com). Tony Robbins is one of the most revered writers and thinkers of our time. People from all over the world—from the disadvantaged to the well-heeled, from twenty-somethings to retirees—credit him for giving them the inspiration and the tools for transforming their lives. From diet and fitness, to business and leadership, to relationships and self-respect, Tony Robbins’s books have changed people in profound and lasting ways. Now, for the first time, he has assembled an invaluable “distillation of just about every good personal finance idea of the last forty years” (The New York Times). Based on extensive research and interviews with some of the most legendary investors at work today (John Bogle, Warren Buffett, Paul Tudor Jones, Ray Dalio, Carl Icahn, and many others), Tony Robbins has created a 7-step blueprint for securing financial freedom. With advice about taking control of your financial decisions, to setting up a savings and investing plan, to destroying myths about what it takes to save and invest, to setting up a “lifetime income plan,” the book brims with advice and practices for making the financial game not only winnable—but providing financial freedom for the rest of your life. “Put MONEY on your short list of new books to read…It’s that good” (Marketwatch.com).

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Kamis, 04 Desember 2014

The Cambridge Companion to the Roman Economy

The Cambridge Companion to the Roman Economy
By:"Walter Scheidel"
Published on 2012-11-08 by Cambridge University Press

Thanks to its exceptional size and duration, the Roman Empire offers one of the best opportunities to study economic development in the context of an agrarian world empire. This volume, which is organised thematically, provides a sophisticated introduction to and assessment of all aspects of its economic life.

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Kamis, 27 November 2014

Tax Revolt

Tax Revolt
By:"David O. Sears","Jack Citrin"
Published on 1982 by Harvard University Press

The results of an opinion poll depict the attitudes of the public toward taxation and how these influenced their decisions to vote for measures to limit taxes and government spending in California

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Sabtu, 22 November 2014

Essentials of Health Care Finance

Essentials of Health Care Finance
By:"William O. Cleverley","Andrew E. Cameron"
Published on 2007 by Jones & Bartlett Learning

Health Sciences & Professions

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The Misfit Economy

The Misfit Economy
By:"Alexa Clay","Kyra Maya Phillips"
Published on 2015-06-23 by Simon and Schuster

A book that argues that lessons in creativity, innovation, salesmanship, and entrepreneurship can come from surprising places: pirates, bootleggers, counterfeiters, hustlers, and others living and working on the margins of business and society. Who are the greatest innovators in the world? You're probably thinking Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford. The usual suspects. This book isn't about them. It's about people you've never heard of. It's about people who are just as innovative, entrepreneurial, and visionary as the Jobses, Edisons, and Fords of the world. They’re in the crowded streets of Shenzhen, the prisons of Somalia, the flooded coastal towns of Thailand. They are pirates, computer hackers, pranksters, and former gang leaders. Across the globe, diverse innovators operating in the black, grey, and informal economies are developing solutions to a myriad of challenges. Far from being \

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Jumat, 21 November 2014

Tax Evasion

Tax Evasion
By:"Paul Webley"
Published on 1991-08-30 by Cambridge University Press

This book explores tax evasion through an extensive psychological approach, surveys and official records to simulate real-world cases.

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Rabu, 19 November 2014


By:"Arnold M. Patent"
Published on 2005 by Celebration Publishing

What if the money game we are playing is designed to result in failure. Could it be that what we consider failure is really success? We have been playing the first part of an extraordinary game that we created to hide what we are looking for. MONEY is the guide to support us in playing the next part that uncovers what the first part was designed to hide -- a life of total joy and unlimited abundance.

This Book was ranked 24 by Google Books for keyword money.

Nature's Economy

Nature's Economy
By:"Donald Worster"
Published on 1994-06-24 by Cambridge University Press

Nature's Economy is a wide-ranging investigation of ecology's past. It traces the origins of the concept, discusses the thinkers who have shaped it, and shows how it in turn has shaped the modern perception of our place in nature. The book includes portraits of Linnaeus, Gilbert White, Darwin, Thoreau, and such key twentieth-century ecologists as Rachel Carson, Frederic Clements, Aldo Leopold, James Lovelock, and Eugene Odum. It concludes with a new Part VI, which looks at the directions ecology has taken most recently.

This Book was ranked 38 by Google Books for keyword economy.

Minggu, 16 November 2014

Sylvia Porter's Money book

Sylvia Porter's Money book
By:"Sylvia Field Porter"
Published on 1976-10 by

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Sabtu, 15 November 2014

Money and Credit

Money and Credit
By:"Bruce G. Carruthers","Laura Ariovich"
Published on 2010-03-15 by Polity

This book offers a fresh and uniquely sociological perspective on money and credit. As basic economic institutions, money and credit are easy to overlook when they work well. When they malfunction, their importance becomes obvious and demands further investigation. Bruce G. Carruthers and Laura Ariovich examine the social dimensions of money and credit at both the individual and corporate levels, from the development of personal credit in a consumer society to the role of government in the creation of money. In clear prose, they illustrate how the overall economy is governed by the financial system and the flow of capital into, and out of, firms. They also explore the social meanings of money, and how people distinguish between \

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Jumat, 07 November 2014

The Money Book for Freelancers, Part-Timers, and the Self-Employed

The Money Book for Freelancers, Part-Timers, and the Self-Employed
By:"Joseph D'Agnese","Denise Kiernan"
Published on 2010-03-02 by Crown Business

This is a book for people like us, and we all know who we are. We make our own hours, keep our own profits, chart our own way. We have things like gigs, contracts, clients, and assignments. All of us are working toward our dreams: doing our own work, on our own time, on our own terms. We have no real boss, no corporate nameplate, no cubicle of our very own. Unfortunately, we also have no 401(k)s and no one matching them, no benefits package, and no one collecting our taxes until April 15th. It’s time to take stock of where you are and where you want to be. Ask yourself: Who is planning for your retirement? Who covers your expenses when clients flake out and checks are late? Who is setting money aside for your taxes? Who is responsible for your health insurance? Take a good look in the mirror: You are. The Money Book for Freelancers, Part-Timers, and the Self-Employed describes a completely new, comprehensive system for earning, spending, saving, and surviving as an independent worker. From interviews with financial experts to anecdotes from real-life freelancers, plus handy charts and graphs to help you visualize key concepts, you’ll learn about topics including: • Managing Cash Flow When the Cash Isn’t Flowing Your Way • Getting Real About What You’re Really Earning • Tools for Getting Out of Debt and Into Financial Security • Saving Consistently When You Earn Irregularly • What To Do When a Client’s Check Doesn’t Come In • Health Savings Accounts and How To Use Them • Planning for Retirement, Taxes and Dreams—All On Your Own From the Trade Paperback edition.

This Book was ranked 2 by Google Books for keyword money.

Business Finance

Business Finance
Published on 1988 by Rex Bookstore, Inc.

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Sabtu, 01 November 2014

The Everything Kids' Money Book

The Everything Kids' Money Book
By:"Brette McWhorter Sember"
Published on 2008-10-17 by Everything Books

From saving for a new bike to investing their allowance online, kids get the “cents” they need with this. Kids will also learn: how coins and bills are made; what money can buy—from school supplies to fun and games; how credit cards work; ways to watch money grow—from savings to stocks; cool financial technology; and more! Saving money isn’t about a piggy bank anymore. Today’s kids are investing money, starting their own small businesses, and watching their savings earn interest. This book will teach kids all they need to know about the “green” they earn so they can save or spend it wisely. This edition includes completely new material on online banking, opening a bank account, and saving allowance.

This Book was ranked 34 by Google Books for keyword money.

Senin, 27 Oktober 2014

Early Ohio Tax Records

Early Ohio Tax Records
By:"Esther Weygandt Powell"
Published on 2009-06-01 by Genealogical Publishing Com

This is the first collection of records the researcher should turn to in any genealogical investigation in the Buckeye State. Taking the place of pre-1820 census records, this work presents a county-by-county list of Ohio settlers and residents from about 1800 to 1825. Along with the 1801 tax list of the Virginia Military District, it contains the names of taxpayers listed in various county tax rolls, and it also contains lists of original proprietors and settlers (taken from other sources), names of holders of military warrants, voters' lists, householders' lists, occasional lists of Revolutionary soldiers, and lists of resident proprietors. The work is arranged by county, with multiple tax lists arranged chronologically thereunder, and there is at least one tax list given for each of the seventy-five counties covered, the combined lists naming about 50,000 taxpayers.

This Book was ranked 25 by Google Books for keyword tax.

The Case for a Carbon Tax

The Case for a Carbon Tax
By:"Shi-Ling Hsu"
Published on 2012-06-22 by Island Press

There's a simple, straightforward way to cut carbon emissions and prevent the most disastrous effects of climate change-and we're rejecting it because of irrational political fears. That's the central argument of The Case for a Carbon Tax, a clear-eyed, sophisticated analysis of climate change policy. Shi-Ling Hsu examines the four major approaches to curbing CO2: cap-and-trade; command and control regulation; government subsidies of alternative energy; and carbon taxes. Weighing the economic, social, administrative, and political merits of each, he demonstrates why a tax is currently the most effective policy. Hsu does not claim that a tax is the perfect or only solution-but that unlike the alternatives, it can be implemented immediately and paired effectively with other approaches. In fact, the only real barrier is psychological. While politicians can present subsidies and cap-and-trade as \

This Book was ranked 7 by Google Books for keyword tax.

Kamis, 23 Oktober 2014

An Introduction to High-Frequency Finance

An Introduction to High-Frequency Finance
By:"Ramazan Gençay","Michel Dacorogna","Ulrich A. Muller","Olivier Pictet","Richard Olsen"
Published on 2001-05-29 by Academic Press

Liquid markets generate hundreds or thousands of ticks (the minimum change in price a security can have, either up or down) every business day. Data vendors such as Reuters transmit more than 275,000 prices per day for foreign exchange spot rates alone. Thus, high-frequency data can be a fundamental object of study, as traders make decisions by observing high-frequency or tick-by-tick data. Yet most studies published in financial literature deal with low frequency, regularly spaced data. For a variety of reasons, high-frequency data are becoming a way for understanding market microstructure. This book discusses the best mathematical models and tools for dealing with such vast amounts of data. This book provides a framework for the analysis, modeling, and inference of high frequency financial time series. With particular emphasis on foreign exchange markets, as well as currency, interest rate, and bond futures markets, this unified view of high frequency time series methods investigates the price formation process and concludes by reviewing techniques for constructing systematic trading models for financial assets.

This Book was ranked 36 by Google Books for keyword finance.

Kamis, 16 Oktober 2014

Money Magic

Money Magic
By:"U. D. (Frater)"
Published on 2011 by Llewellyn Worldwide

One of the world's best-known ceremonial magicians, contemporary occult author Frater U∴D∴, presents the definitive book of money magic. Previously unavailable in English, this advanced guide will be welcomed by ceremonial magicians, hermeticists, and other magic users. Money Magicstarts with the revolutionary premise that money belongs to the element of Air. By transforming the idea of money in your psyche, you will invite wealth to flow more freely and easily into your life. This comprehensive guide gives step-by-step instructions on how to master prosperity in its true element using new paradigms, magical invocations, rituals, sigils, and pathworkings.

This Book was ranked 36 by Google Books for keyword money.

Kamis, 09 Oktober 2014

The Commanding Heights

The Commanding Heights
By:"Daniel Yergin","Joseph Stanislaw"
Published on 2002-06-15 by Simon and Schuster

The Commanding Heights is about the most powerful political and economic force in the world today -- the epic struggle between government and the marketplace that has, over the last twenty years, turned the world upside down and dramatically transformed our lives. Now, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Prize joins with a leading expert on the new marketplace to explain the revolution in ideas that is reshaping the modern world. Written with the same sweeping narrative power that made The Prize an enormous success, The Commanding Heights provides the historical perspective, the global vision, and the insight to help us understand the tumult of the past half century. Trillions of dollars in assets and fundamental political power are changing hands as free markets wrest control from government of the \

This Book was ranked 40 by Google Books for keyword economy.

Rabu, 08 Oktober 2014

Calling Power to Account

Calling Power to Account
By:"David Dyzenhaus","Mayo Moran"
Published on 2005 by

Courts today face a range of claims to redress historic injustice, including injustice perpetrated by law. In Canada, descendants of Chinese immigrants recently claimed the return of a head tax levied only on Chinese immigrants. Calling Power to Account uses the litigation around the Chinese Canadian Head Tax Case as a focal point for examining the historical, legal, and philosophical issues raised by such claims. By placing both the discriminatory law and the judicial decisions in their historical context, some of the essays in this volume illuminate the larger patterns of discrimination and the sometimes surprising capacity of the courts of the day to respond to racism. A number of the contributors explore the implications of reparations claims for relations between the various branches of government while others examine the difficult questions such claims raise in both legal and political theory by placing the claims in a comparative or philosophical perspective. Calling Power to Account suggests that our legal systems can hope to play a part in responding to their own legacy of past injustice only when they recognize the full array of issues posed by the Head Tax Case.

This Book was ranked 5 by Google Books for keyword tax.