Kamis, 31 Desember 2015

The Alchemy of Finance

The Alchemy of Finance
By:"George Soros"
Published on 2003-08-01 by John Wiley & Sons

Why is the brain important in eating disorders? This ground–breaking new book describes how increasingly sophisticated neuroscientific approaches are revealing much about the role of the brain in eating disorders. Even more importantly, it discusses how underlying brain abnormalities and dysfunction may contribute to the development and help in the treatment of these serious disorders. Neuropsychological studies show impairments in specific cognitive functions, especially executive and visuo–spatial skills. Neuroimaging studies show structural and functional abnormalities, including cortical atrophy and neural circuit abnormalities, the latter appearing to be playing a major part in the development of anorexia nervosa. Neurochemistry studies show dysregulation within neurotransmitter systems, with effects upon the modulation of feeding, mood, anxiety, neuroendocrine control, metabolic rate, sympathetic tone and temperature. The first chapter, by an eating disorders clinician, explains the importance of a neuroscience perspective for clinicians. This is followed by an overview of the common eating disorders, then chapters on what we know of them from studies of neuroimaging, neuropsychology and neurochemistry. The mysterious phenomenon of body image disturbance is then described and explained from a neuroscience perspective. The next two chapters focus on neuroscience models of eating disorders, the first offering an overview and the second a new and comprehensive explanatory model of anorexia nervosa. The following two chapters offer a clinical perspective, with attention on the implications of a neuroscience perspective for patients and their families, the second providing details of clinical applications of neuroscience understanding. The final chapter looks to the future. This book succinctly reviews current knowledge about all these aspects of eating disorder neuroscience and explores the implications for treatment. It will be of great interest to all clinicians (psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, dieticians, paediatricians, physicians, physiotherapists) working in eating disorders, as well as to neuroscience researchers.

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Selasa, 29 Desember 2015


By:"Frank J. Fabozzi","Pamela Peterson Drake"
Published on 2009-05-13 by John Wiley & Sons

Created by the experienced author team of Frank Fabozzi and Pamela Peterson Drake, Finance examines the essential elements of this discipline and makes them accessible to a wide array of readers-from seasoned veterans looking for a review to newcomers needing to get their footing in finance. Divided into four comprehensive parts, this reliable resource opens with a detailed discussion of the basic tools of investing and financing decision-making—financial mathematics and financial analysis. After this informative introduction, you'll quickly become familiar with the three primary areas of finance—capital markets (Part II), financial management (Part III), and investment/asset management (Part IV)?-and discover how these different areas are interconnected. Finance is a well-rounded guide to this dynamic field. The straightforward insights found here will put you in a better position to understand what the principles of modern finance are and how they can be used to make the right decisions when managing risk and return in today's complex financial environment.

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Jumat, 25 Desember 2015

Finance of International Trade

Finance of International Trade
By:"Eric Bishop"
Published on 2004 by Butterworth-Heinemann

Introduction to International Trade Finance covers the complete cycle of international trade and explains the roles of the specialist operators. Introduction to International Trade Finance aims to: *Guide the reader through every phase of typical trade transactions, examining in detail the relationships between the various parties involved and explaining the facilities employed. *Demonstrate the range of banking instruments and techniques available to exporters and importers which enable them to enter into contracts, confident that whichever method of settlement they agree upon can be provided with the minimum of risk. *Provide a firm understanding of when to apply a particular form of finance, what risks are involved and how they can be counteracted Now updated to include the UCP600. *Inspired from the basic entry level training courses that have been developed by major international banks worldwide. *Will enable MSc Finance students, MBA students and those already in the finance profession to gain an understanding of the basic information and principles underlying the topic under discussion *Questions with answers, study topics, practical \

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The Economy and Suicide

The Economy and Suicide
By:"David Lester","Bijou Yang"
Published on 1997-01-01 by Nova Publishers

Economy & Suicide Economic Perspectives On Suicide

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Selasa, 22 Desember 2015

The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous & Broke

The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous & Broke
By:"Suze Orman"
Published on 2005 by Penguin

Addresses personal finance issues that are of relevance to today's world of high debt and disproportionate lifestyles, addressing such topics as credit cards, student loans, credit scores, insurance, and mortgages.

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Minggu, 20 Desember 2015

Globalization, Growth, and Poverty

Globalization, Growth, and Poverty
By:"Paul Collier","David Dollar"
Published on 2002 by World Bank Publications

Globalization - the growing integration of economies and societies around the world, is a complex process. The focus of this research is the impact of economic integration on developing countries and especially the poor people living in these countries. Whether economic integration supports poverty reduction and how it can do so more effectively are key questions asked. The research yields 3 main findings with bearings on current policy debates about globalization. Firstly, poor countries with some 3 billion people have broken into the global market for manufactures and services, and this successful integration has generally supported poverty reduction. Secondly, inclusion both across countries and within them is important as a number of countries (pop. 2 billion) are failing as states, trading less and less, and becoming marginal to the world economy. Thirdly, standardization or homogenization is a concern - will economic integration lead to cultural or institutional homogenization?

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Jumat, 18 Desember 2015

Tax Crusaders and the Politics of Direct Democracy

Tax Crusaders and the Politics of Direct Democracy
By:"Daniel A. Smith"
Published on 1998 by Psychology Press

First Published in 1998. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

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Selasa, 15 Desember 2015

The Fair Tax Book

The Fair Tax Book
By:"Neal Boortz","John Linder"
Published on 2009-03-17 by Harper Collins

Wouldn't you love to abolish the IRS ... Keep all the money in your paycheck ... Pay taxes on what you spend, not what you earn ... And eliminate all the fraud, hassle, and waste of our current system? Then the FairTax is for you. In the face of the outlandish American tax burden, talk-radio firebrand Neal Boortz and Congressman John Linder are leading the charge to phase out our current, unfair system and enact the FairTax Plan, replacing the federal income tax and withholding system with a simple 23 percent retail sales tax on new goods and services. This dramatic revision of the current system, which would eliminate the reviled IRS, has already caught fire in the American heartland, with more than six hundred thousand taxpayers signing on in support of the plan. As Boortz and Linder reveal in this first book on the FairTax, this radical but eminently sensible plan would end the annual national nightmare of filing income tax returns, while at the same time enlarging the federal tax base by collecting sales tax from every retail consumer in the country. The FairTax, they argue, would transform the fearsome bureaucracy of the IRS into a more transparent, accountable, and equitable tax collection system. Among other benefits, it will: Make America's tax code truly voluntary, without reducing revenue Replace today's indecipherable tax code with one simple sales tax Protect lower-income Americans by covering the tax on basic necessities Eliminate billions of dollars in embedded taxes we don't even know we're paying Bring offshore corporate dollars back into the U.S. economy Endorsed by scores of leading economists and supported by a huge and growing grassroots movement, the FairTax Plan could revolutionize the way America pays for itself. In this straight-talking book, Neal Boortz and John Linder show you how it would work—and how you can help make it happen.

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Jumat, 04 Desember 2015

Careers in Banking and Finance

Careers in Banking and Finance
By:"Patricia Haddock"
Published on 2001 by The Rosen Publishing Group

Describes the various jobs available in banking and finance and the education and training required.

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Kamis, 26 November 2015

The Thank You Economy

The Thank You Economy
By:"Gary Vaynerchuk"
Published on 2011-03-08 by Harper Collins

“Gary Vaynerchuk has seen the future of marketing. The Thank You Economy shows how it's built on both the time-honored techniques of listening to and appreciating customers and newer services like Twitter that allow you to engage directly with customers at unprecedented scale and speed. The book, like Gary, is also a lot of fun and full of passion.” —Dick Costolo, chief executive officer, Twitter Gary Vaynerchuk, the New York Times bestselling author and creator of Wine Library TV, is back with a bold and expansive look at the evolution of today's marketplace, revealing the essential factors defining and driving successful relationships between businesses and consumers. In this groundbreaking follow-up to the bestselling Crush It!, Vaynerchuk—one of Bloomberg Businessweek’s “20 People Every Entrepreneur Should Follow”—looks beyond a numbers-based analysis to explore the value of social interactions in building our economy.

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Rabu, 18 November 2015

Accounting and Finance for Managers

Accounting and Finance for Managers
By:"Karunakar Patra"
Published on 2006-01-01 by Sarup & Sons

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Senin, 16 November 2015

The Economy of Europe in an Age of Crisis, 1600-1750

The Economy of Europe in an Age of Crisis, 1600-1750
By:"Jan de Vries"
Published on 1976-10-29 by Cambridge University Press

By relating economic changes to the political backdrop, The Economy of Europe in an Age of Crisis, 1600-1750 describes and analyzes the economic civilisation of Europe in the last epoch before the Industrial Revolution. The author makes a special effort to apply economic reasoning to the economic forces of the period and challenges some longstanding opinions about what was and was not important in explaining economic performance. The significance of this study rests in its identification of the ways a 'traditional' society developed its economy despite the absence of the obvious growth factors of the nineteenth century. The approach is consciously comparative: problems of interpretation are identified; research not yet available elsewhere is incorporated into the text; and examples are drawn from minor as well as major countries in western and central Europe. Topics dealt with include the development of agriculture and industry, foreign and regional trade, urbanization, a study of demand in explaining economic growth, the bourgeoisie, and the state.

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Senin, 02 November 2015

J.K. Lasser's Your Income Tax 2013

J.K. Lasser's Your Income Tax 2013
By:"J.K. Lasser Institute"
Published on 2012-10-05 by John Wiley & Sons

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Minggu, 01 November 2015

Federal Tax Policy

Federal Tax Policy
By:"Joseph A. Pechman"
Published on 2001-06-29 by Brookings Institution Press

Explains the workings of the tax laws governing individual incomes, corporations, and estates in the United States

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Governing Economy

Governing Economy
By:"Keith Tribe"
Published on 1988-08-26 by CUP Archive

This book looks at the distinctive features of the development of German economics & draws attention to its divergences from the Anglo-Saxon tradition. The book covers the period when economics became established as a systematically taught discipline in German universities. It concentrates on the textbooks in use at the time, both because they were a major means by which economic ideas were disseminated, & for their use in the teaching of state officials.

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Minggu, 25 Oktober 2015

Handbook of Health Care Accounting and Finance

Handbook of Health Care Accounting and Finance
By:"William O. Cleverley"
Published on 1989 by Jones & Bartlett Learning

More than 1,000 pages in this landmark publication cover areas that are critical to the sound financial management of health care organizations.

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Senin, 19 Oktober 2015

Love and Money

Love and Money
By:"Dennis Kelly"
Published on 2012-01-30 by Oberon Books

David conducts an office romance by e-mail. He has love at his fingertips. But a shocking admission unravels his relationship piece by chilling piece. Jess loves David. She believes happiness can be bought – but it doesn’t come cheap in a world of easy credit. Jess and David’s ideal blend of love and money is killing them. Funny but heart wrenching, this ingenious drama dares us to enter a dislocated world of bad debts and even worse desires. Love and Money opened at the Manchester Royal Exchange in October 2006 with a transfer to the Young Vic, London.

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Minggu, 18 Oktober 2015

For the Common Good

For the Common Good
By:"Herman E. Daly","John B. Cobb","Clifford W. Cobb"
Published on 1994 by Beacon Press

Winner of the Grawemeyer Award for Ideas Improving World Order 1992, Named New Options Best Political Book Economist Herman Daly and theologian John Cobb, Jr., demonstrate how conventional economics and a growth-oriented industrial economy have led us to the brink of environmental disaster, and show the possibility of a different future. Named as one of the Top 50 Sustainability Books by University of Cambridges Programme for Sustainability Leadership and Greenleaf Publishing.

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Sabtu, 10 Oktober 2015

Value Added Tax and Direct Taxation

Value Added Tax and Direct Taxation
By:"Michael Lang","Peter Melz","Eleonor Kristoffersson","Thomas Ecker"
Published on 2009 by IBFD

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Kamis, 08 Oktober 2015

Digital Economy

Digital Economy
By:"Harbhajan S. Kehal","Varinder P. Singh"
Published on 2005 by IGI Global

Annotation Digital Economy provides information about the socioeconomic aspects of the digital economy. This set of eighteen essays covers the effects of digital economy on business transactions, technology and culture, as well as on education. It also covers various aspects of global production, trade, and investment and the effects of the Internet.

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Senin, 05 Oktober 2015

Deep Economy

Deep Economy
By:"Bill McKibben"
Published on 2007-03-06 by Macmillan

An impassioned call for an economy that creates community and ennobles our lives. In this manifesto, journalist McKibben offers the biggest challenge in a generation to the prevailing view of our economy. For the first time in human history, he observes,\

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Sabtu, 26 September 2015

Sport Finance

Sport Finance
By:"Gil Fried","Timothy D. DeSchriver","Michael Mondello"
Published on 2013 by Human Kinetics


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Sabtu, 05 September 2015

All the Money in the World

All the Money in the World
By:"Peter W. Bernstein","Annalyn Swan"
Published on 2008-12-02 by Vintage

From Wall Street to the West Coast, from blue-collar billionaires to blue-blood fortunes, from the Google guys to hedge-fund honchos, All the Money in the World gives us the lowdown on today richest Americans. Veteran journalists Peter W. Bernstein and Annalyn Swan delve into who made and lost the most money in the past twenty-five years, the fields and industries that have produced the greatest wealth, the biggest risk takers, the most competitive players, the most wasteful family feuds, the trophy wives, the most conspicuous consumers, the biggest art collectors, and the most and least generous philanthropists. Incorporating exclusive, never-before-published data from Forbes magazine, All the Money in the World is a vastly entertaining, behind-the-scenes look at today's Big Rich. From the Trade Paperback edition.

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Finance Ethics

Finance Ethics
By:"John Dobson"
Published on 1997 by Rowman & Littlefield

The first book ever to integrate business ethics with financial economics, Finance Ethics shows how ethical behavior fits within the rational, profit-maximizing, finance paradigm. Dobson argues that even in economic terms the finance paradigm has a serious flaw: it views the firm and financial markets in general as contractual nexuses yet it fails to supply any adequate mechanisms for enforcing those contractual relations. Finance Ethics is therefore not just a moral critique of the finance paradigm, arguing that self-interested profit making must be constrained by ethics. Rather, it is a critique from within that paradigm, in which truth becomes a rational mechanism to enforce contracts, and virtuous behavior is shown to make the most business sense.

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Jumat, 04 September 2015

The Chinese Economy

The Chinese Economy
By:"Barry Naughton"
Published on 2007 by MIT Press

The most comprehensive English-language overview of the modern Chinese economy, covering China's economic development since 1949 and post-1978 reforms—from industrial change and agricultural organization to science and technology.

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